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Overlay Mapping
¤ This page introduces Overlay Mapping, and explains some of the concepts and content.

Overlay Mapping - the solution for your clients that fits in between a static map and a full GIS map-server.

A common problem with any map, whether stored in printed form or on computer, is that there is either too little or too much information displayed. The mapmaker chooses what to put on the map. The client often wants different information. Overlay Mapping keeps everyone happy, by providing flexibility in the way a map is displayed, whilst displaying every item of data to its best advantage.

Here are some of the features of Overlay Mapping:

  • Easy and Quick to Use
  • No Special Software Required
  • Complete Portabilty on CD or Internet
  • Data positioned to best advantage
  • Pre-assigned colors for attractive display


Comparisons with GIS

Speed Of Display

With even a small number of layers open, the average GIS map-server takes quite a time to open new views or relocate the current view. Programmers can forget that time is money; the average viewer is not interested in waiting for the map-server to do its work. They want the map to be displayed instantly. With Overlay Mapping this is what happens, as once the Mapper has loaded, there are no further delays as you turn layers on and off to compare data.

Client Software Requirements

With most GIS applications, special software is required, either to present the maps on a map server, or to view the maps in the local environment. Sometimes the software needs to be 'installed' on the clients computer, which can cause operator and system problems or conflicts. These can be both time consuming and frustrating. With Overlay Mapping, no special software or plug-ins are needed, just a standard Internet browser, already there.

Ease of Updating

GIS software licenses can cost thousands of dollars. GIS software requires considerable experience or training to use competently. But what if you just want to display a few types of data to your clients, and allow them to compare layers quickly and easily. Wouldn't it be nice to create attractive presentations with a simple graphics program ? Overlay Mapping allows you to do exactly this, whilst we encase your images in an easy-to-use navigation shell.

Less is More

Sometimes, too many options can be confusing, clogging up system time and resources whilst the client waits for something to happen. A GIS mapserver has an astonishing array of functions, and complete flexibility to zoom in and out, or identify every little bush or stream. But is that what the client always wants ? We have all experienced the frustration of zooming in, only to forget where we were. Or wondering why the data layer over-writes the previous one, because the machine has chosen the colors. Overlay Mapping allows the final product to be completely pre-planned, so you can be confident that the client will always see your data at its best.

View a Demonstration

On the next page, you can view an introductory demonstration of some of the capabilities of Overlay Mapping, in a multi-layer map of Ireland. Though small, it is packed full of features and advanced capabilities.

Overlay Capabilities
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