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This page tells how to register NAOMI - the North American Overlay Mapper.
How to Register your copy

If your copy of the North American Overlay Mapper is not registered, the program will not be referenced to your own user-details. This means that although you can use every function of NAOMI, and view every map, the positional references which are an integral part of NAOMI will be referenced to Washington D.C., not your own QTH location.

The cost of registering is very small compared to other Ham Radio mapping products, ** ONLY 15 US Dollars ** and will remove this one small restriction on use, so I hope you will register the program, show your appreciation for this resource, and support a Ham shareware author who likes to eat and pay his bills just like you do. If enough people register, I will write the next version. If they don't, I won't - its as simple as that. By the way, if you register, you will automatically be notified about all future updates.

You can pay online by clicking the button below, which will take you straight to the PayPal website via a Secure webpage.

IMPORTANT: Please read the following notes BEFORE you click the PayPal button...

You will need to know the position of your QTH in DECIMAL DEGREES, to an accuracy of 2 decimal-points (i.e. 123.45°). This value must be entered in when registering NAOMI. Please find this information out BEFORE STARTING the registration process!!

Once the payment has completed, click the 'Return to Merchant' link. This will return you to this website, where you will receive your unique validation file. You will be guided through the simple process of saving the file on your own computer, so that when you next start the North American Overlay Mapper, all calculations, bearings and distances will be referenced to your own QTH.

PayPal allows you to securely send money to any other registered PayPal user. The money is charged to your credit card, and sent to the recipient. The transaction takes seconds to complete, and is processed using a secure server at all times. Click Here for more information about PayPal.

In the past, it has been possible to pay for my software in a variety of different methods, such as cash or cheque. You may be wondering if this is still possible. The answer is No - I am now only accepting payment via the Internet. If you don't have a credit card yourself, I am sure you know someone who does.

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