North American Overlay Mapping

Software and Overlay Updates

Map Overlays are stored individualy, for ease of updating. As data changes, new overlays will be made available for download at the MapAbility website. They are stored in self-routing Zip files, which ensure that each file goes into the correct storage location automatically. As a registered user, you will be emailed when any new overlays or other program data is available. Please visit the Contact Page to ammend your registered email address or view our privacy policy.

When new overlays are installed, the 'About' page of your North American Overlay Mapping System is updated at the same time. You can check at any time whether you have the newest overlay versions by clicking on the 'About' button (located at the top right of the main toolbar) and comparing the details there with the details on the 'Updates' page at the MapAbility.Com website.

If new updates are available, you should download them to your computer. To install the updates, start the Winzip program, click on 'Open', and browse to the downloaded file. Click 'OK' to select it, then click 'Extract'. Browse to the folder where you have the North American Overlay Mapping System installed (normally C:\Program Files\MapAbility\NAOMI v1.2.0), and enter this address in the 'Extract to' box. Select the 'All Files', 'Overwrite Existing Files', and 'Use folder names' options. (All three options are absolutely required for the program to work.) Click 'Extract', and WinZip does the rest for you. Close the Winzip program, and start the North American Overlay Mapping System as normal. The new data will be integrated, and the 'About' button will show the current revision.