North American Overlay Mapping

Sun and Moon

Click 'Tools' > 'Sun and Moon' to access this tool. Its function is to compute the Sun and Moon rise and set times for each of the Map-Pins currently selected.

When the tool is started, it shows a row of colored spots representing Map Pins - they do not need to be on the current map. It also sets the Year, Month, and Day boxes to the current date, as defined by your own computer system settings. To ammend or update your system settings, click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Date/Time, or double-click the time display on the system tray.

For the functioning of the 'Sun and Moon' tools, leave the date as it is, or change if needed using the select-boxes. You can also choose the correct Time Zone, and whether Daylight Saving Time is in use. Click the colored spot that interests you, and the relevant rise/set times will be displayed below.

If the sun or moon will always be above the horizon for that date, as can happen near the poles, the result box will show '++++'. If it will always be below the horizon for that date, the result box will show '----'.