North American Overlay Mapping


When you have a connection to the Internet, the 'Operating' menu provides easy access to some useful operating resources. To use it, establish your Internet connection in the usual way, then click 'Tools' > 'Operating'. A new menu box will show a variety of links to various pages useful when operating; clicking on any one will open a new browser for the information to be displayed.

No Map-Pins or other program resources are required to use the links; an exception to this is for the tool 'Repeaters', which requires one or more Map-Pins to be selected first. Clicking on it opens a new tool box, with a line of colored spots, one for each Map-Pin currently selected.

These map pins act as the base location for a repeater-search which queries the K1IW repeater database, and then opens a new browser with the results for that position. You can specify the size of the zone queried, in miles, and narrow the search in a variety of different ways ,depending on the options selected.