North American Overlay Mapping

Saving your User-List

Once you have finished all your editing, click on the 'Select output list' button. This will select all the current content of the Output List, enabling you to copy it to the system clipboard by presssing Control-C, or by right-clicking over the text and selecting 'Copy' from the dropdown menu. You must then open the 'Notepad program (Start > Programs > Accessories) or a similar text editor, paste the clipboard onto the window (Control-V, or Edit > Paste), and then save the file as described in the 'Input List' area. NB: make sure that you select 'Save as type: 'All Files (*.*)', otherwise the file will be saved as the default .txt type. Important: do not use the Word program, or any other word-processor, to save the file with, as these will introduce unwanted extra characters.

Some of you may be asking at this stage 'What's all the bother with Cut and Paste ? Why can't you just save the file as normal ?' The answer is that NAOMI is composed from a series of webpages, and is not a normal executable program. The advantage is that NAOMI can be run on any computer with a standard Internet browser, regardless of operating system, but due to security limitations placed on the Javascript programming language, there is no facility to save files directly to your hard disc, hence the rather convoluted requirement for cutting and pasting the new data into a text editor program.