North American Overlay Mapping

Layer Notes - IOTA (Island On The Air)

This foreground overlay shows the IOTA reference numbers for islands qualifying in the popular 'Islands On The Air' award-scheme, also used in the annual IOTA competion. Created in 1964 by Geoff Watts, a leading SWL and editor of the famous DX News Sheet (DXNS), it was taken over by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) in 1985, and is an amateur radio activity program designed to encourage contacts with island Amateur Radio stations world-wide. The ocean's islands have been grouped into some 1200 IOTA groups, full details of which can be found in the highly recommended 'RSGB IOTA Directory', published by and available from the RSGB's main website. A list of all current IOTA island groups, plus the latest IOTA news, can be found at the RSGB's IOTA website. There are also many internet sites which provide additional information, lists, and photos of island expeditions.

The positions of each IOTA label on the NAOMI overlay correspond to the calculated centre of each IOTA entity area. IOTA areas are mostly defined as being contained within a rectangular area of specified Latitude and Longitude range. A full sortable/searchable list of all North American IOTA entities has been provided; you can access this by clicking 'Tools' > 'Table Viewer' > 'NA IOTA'. This data has been provided here at no charge for non-commercial home use only, and remains the copyright of the RSGB.

You can jump straight to any North American IOTA number without having to know its position by using the 'Select Map by Name' > 'IOTA Reference Numbers' map-select tool, on the Map Navigation page.

A useful and unique IOTA resource is located at the EI8IC website. This page lets you enter your own 6-digit Grid Locator; the page will then return a list of all IOTA entities sorted by continent with distance and bearing to each from your own QTH.